Classic Refugees
Doomhammer-EU · Turalyon-EU

Who we are

Classic Refugees is a young guild of mostly new and returning players that started playing in patch 8.3. Our members have mixed experience and backgrounds in the game. Some of us play every day and others log in a few times per week. Some of us have played many previous expansions and others are relatively new. What we all have in common is that we like to push ourselves to down that next boss or defeat the next key level we have set our eyes on, but we do so with respect for others and with the knowledge that some of us will progress faster and others will take more time.

To further clarify this it helps to stress what we aren't: We aren't a guild where everyone is brand new, so if that's the experience you're looking for then we can't provide that. We also aren't a guild where everyone is expected to push themselves to the fullest and where the weakest link in the chain is cut loose. If you're looking for a highly competitive environment or you can't stand a guildie who has difficulties with a mechanic that you consider trivial then we also can't provide that experience for you.

Our raid days are Thursday and Monday, from 20:00 to 23:00 server time.

What our goals are

Short term we want to complete the upcoming Sanctum of Domination raid on heroic at a reasonable pace and to increase the engagement with mythic+ dungeons. Long term our goals is to complete all the heroic raids of the upcoming Shadowlands content.

What we’re looking for

Anyone who shares these values and goals is welcome to join us, either for raiding, mythic+ or both. We require our raiders to be on voice chat during the raids but speaking is not mandatory.

We are most in need of (ranged) dps. Healer and tank slots are mostly filled for raiding at the moment, but players who don't mind playing a dps off-spec in most raids are also welcome.

How to apply/contact us

Our application process is a simple chat on our discord server. This way we can briefly get to know eachother and make sure we are all on the same page. Take a look around in our #welcome channel and when you're ready drop a line in the #applications or #general channel.